Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rite of Passage?

A Rite of Passage is a marker of a significant life transition, in this case adolescence. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and honour this change, and gather community support. We use a structured framework based on the work of anthropologists who have studied Rites of Passage around the world, and have adapted this for our modern culture. Your experience will include story-sharing, challenge, connection, ritual, visioning, and celebration. All of our team are highly trained to facilitate and hold this transformational process.

How old does my daughter need to be to attend?

This retreat will is for girls aged 13 – 17. This is the developmental stage in their life where they want to assert their independence from their parents and find their own way in life. This retreat will guide them to create a vision for their life full of magic and dreams. We will honour her strengths as an emerging woman and challenge her to step up into a more responsible adult role in her family and community. A Rite of Passage for girls usually marks the start of their menstruation, however your daughter does not need to have experienced menarche in order to attend. Please note that this is a celebration of your daughter's transition to adulthood and we will have open discussions about "adult" topics. Feel free to contact us to discuss and decide if now is the right time to experience this Rite of Passage.

How do I know if this is right for my daughter?

If you would like any of the following for your daughter this retreat is for you... ~ Guidance to ensure that your daughter has the skills, tools, and experience she needs in her transition into a motivated, responsible, and resilient young adult. ~ Support to address the physical, emotional and psychological changes happening in your daughter's life in a safe and structured way. ~ Inspiration to help your daughter find clarity on her strengths, passions, purpose and direction. ~ Experiences that foster powerful and meaningful connection and communication between you and your daughter. How do you feel as you read through the information about this retreat? Transformation and change often bring up resistance and fear which is natural, be guided by the vision of what you want for your daughter and follow your instincts about what is best for you both at this time.

I have 2 daughters between the ages of 13 and 17, can I come with both of them?

We recommend you attend with your older daughter this year, and your younger daughter next year. It is important that this is a special occasion for the girl who is coming, and her younger sibling will be even more excited when it's her turn!

What does the cost cover?

This is a life changing Rite of Passage experience in an award winning, gorgeous retreat centre with super comfortable accommodation and facilities and a highly trained and experienced team. We have capped the numbers at a maximum of 10 Mother Daughter pairs so you will be part of an intimate group and feel completely supported. We encourage you to support your daughter, not just to recover but to thrive throughout her teenage years and beyond. Payment plans and partial scholarships also available. Contact us to find out more.

I'm a Step-mum / Aunt / Grandmother / Family Friend of a teen girl whose Mum is not able to attend. Can I accompany her?

YES!!!!!! We honour the importance of many other women in the lives of teenage girls and will do everything we can to support you in your unique relationship.

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